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HELP011 – DJ Central – Li’ud EP

Release: April 2018

Format: 12″



A1 Hejhej 6.12
A2 I Dag (today today) 8.29

B1 BM 7.09
B2 Li’ud 7.07

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OL-01 – Alle – Dine Pæne Øjne

Release: Mar 2018

Format: LP



A1 En film
A2 Noget i øjet
A3 Få en gave
A4 Listen med ting
A5 Godt gået
A6 Mon du vil
A7 Trist til tider
B1 Den rette vej
B2 Og synthesizer
B3 Sjældent syn
B4 Selvom du er sød
B5 Dine pæne øjne
B6 Tanker i ring
B7 Undervandssangen

A1, A2 and A6 with additional vocal by Erika De Casier.
A6 co-written by Mathias Okholm (O.G. Mandee-simo)
A5 and B5 co-written by Milán Zaks (hombreeeeeE)


Distributed exclusively by Safe Distribution

NH4.SLIK – Manmade Deejay – Invitro EP

Release: Mar 2018

Format: 12″

nh4 1lille nh4 blille

A1. Viper (6:57)
A2. Saturna IX (6:41)
B. Juli (9:14)

Mastered by CGB

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RES013 – Equis – Sitios

Release: Apr 2018

Format: 12″


A. Sitio I (17:59)
B. Sitio II (11:22)

Released on the label Resonans
“The danish-honduran sound artist and multi-instrumentalist Xenia Xamanek releases her first solo-LP under the name Equis.
The title “Sitios” means places in spanish, and the work documents two different works that has come to life on different machines and synthesizers, directed by Xenia Xamanek. The A-side is a studio recording, and the flip-side consists of field-recordings from a factory building.
In relation Xamaneks earlier very expressive and collage-based works, Sitios is Equis’ most coherent work to date.”

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PRS01 – C.K – Intimate Patters

Release: Feb 2018
Format: 12″

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 12.59.32

A1. Fase
A2. Kinddans
B1. Lucid (Original Mix)
B2. Lucid (Dream Mix)

Mastered by CGB

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pH 1 – Technicolor Vision

Release: January 2018

Label: Help Recordings.

Format: c50 tape


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HELP010 – MAIZENA – Strange Worries

Release: Aug 2017

Format: 12″


A1. Entrance 7:56
A2. Strange Worries 7:35
B1. Semolina 7:47
B2. Dynamic Noose 4:55

Mastered by Bazza.

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RB05 MP – HI MOUNT & C.K – I Know

Release: Jan 2017

Format: 12″

RB05 A-side MP

A1. I Know (First Mix) 5:51
A2. I Know (Club Mix) 6:03
B1. I Know (Deeb Dub Mix) 12:07

Mastered by Matt Colton.

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ATTENTION: This is the mispress of RB05. After around thirty seconds of the intro on the B-side, eight clicks will appear for approximately 12 seconds. Listen to the faulty: http://bit.ly/2jI50I9

It is sold for a reduced price of 6 euros.