>>>> The releases below are the only ones available for now <<<<


Nehoki – Petersminde
A1: Anisisop
A2: Morgentrack
A3: Præstekrageungerne
A4: Italien
B1: Version
B2: Vandkalv (Under Isen)
B3: Aftentrack
B4: Tema
B5: Peters Minde

Catalogue: SAINO-04
Release: August 2019
Format: LP
Price: 20 euros

NL110 – Agility 
A1: Time Serves No One
A2: Smells
B1: Papyrus
B2: LD

Catalogue: NH5.110
Release: August 2019
Format: 12″
Price: 10 euros

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C.K – Poverty Grasses
A1: Cough (Transexpress Club Mix)
A2: Cough (Ambient)
B1: Poverty Grasses (Essence)
B2: Poverty Grasses (Patience)

Catalogue: PRS03
Release: July 2019
Format: 12″
Price: 10 euros
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Förslag På Musik – Book Of Mirrors
A1: Dream Sequence
A2: This And That
A3: Museum Of Movements
B1: Most Defiantly
B2: Strange Visions Pass Me By
B3: Hattar Och Mössor

Catalogue: SR12006
Release: June 2019
Format: LP w. printed cover
Price: 10 euros
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Safe Present Vol. 1

A mixed CD compilation consisting of 19 tracks from Århus [1 hour, 17 minutes and 27 seconds to be exact].

Catalogue: SPv1
Release: May 2019
Format: CD
Price: 13 euros
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Moulder – Into the Desired Shape
A1: Breaks Open
A2: Feathers And Bones
B1: 19 Some
B2: Ariel

Quiet, mainly acoustic songs by a local duo. 

Catalogue: SAINO-03
Release: May 2019
Format: 12″ w. printed cover
Price: 10 euros
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Laguna Ladies – Laguna Style
A: Laguna Style
B: Laguna Style (Instrumental)

Catalogue: SC01
Release: May 2019
Format: 12″
Price: 10 euros
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Amore – Shortcuts 1
A: One Steppa Da Time
B: Life Of A Modaji

Catalogue: Short1
Release: May 2019
Format: 12″
Price: 10 euros
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EX-HE-02 A-side EX-HE-02 B-side

Palta – Anden Plade
A1: Sagens Natur
A2: Belsha
A3: Punk Music
B1: Gangster
B2: Afkald
B3: Sidste

Catalogue: EX-HE-02
Release: March 2019
Format: 12″
Price: 10 euros
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El Trick – Mind
A1: Mind
B1: Wat U Do 2 Me
B2: Flossel

Catalogue: TRICK1
Release: October 2018
Format: 12″
Price: 8 euros
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Tears – All Songs From 2015
A1 I
A2 All I Want Is You
A3 Broken Smile
A4 Love Cannot Save Me
B1 Tears, A Sea of Love a Wave of Goodbye
B2 33
B3 Brother
B4 Maybe I Will Fuck Forever

A Århus-rock classic. 

Catalogue: SAINO-02

Release: Oct 2018
Format: LP
Price: 12 euros
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Thaumazein – Untitled
A1: Untitled
A2: Untitled
B1: Untitled
B2: Untitled

Catalogue: EX-HE-01 
Release: September 2018
Format: 12″
Price: 8 euros
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011 022

Förslag På Musik – Stroll Music Vol. 1
A1: Heel To Toe Express
A2: This Illusion
A3: Parallella Stigar
B1: Stroll Music
B2: Nightwalker
B3: Goldfeet

Catalogue: SRC001
Release: August 2018
Format: Cassette
Price: 6 euros
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R-11101141-1516305621-5827 R-11101141-1516305628-9069

Mount Analogue – Spacious Present
A1: Phyllotaxis (5.10)
A2: Greenhouse (6.50)
AA1: Lo’s Dream (6.00)
AA2. That Other Person Is You (6.50)

Catalogue: SR12004
Release: December 2017
Format: 12″
Price: 8 euros
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Manmade Deejay – Invitro EP
A1: Viper (6.57)
A2: Saturna IX (6.41)
B1: Juli (9.14)

Catalogue: NH4.Slik
Release: March 2018
Format: 12″
Price: 8 euros
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Equis – Sitios
A1: Sitio I (17.59)
B1: Sitio II (11.22)

Catalogue: RES013
Release: April 2018
Format: LP
Price: 8 euros
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Daniel Sommer – Duets
A1: Artturi Rönkä (3.48)
A2: Frederik Sakham Lomborg (3.27)
A3: Mikko Innanen (3.38)
A4: Seppo Kantonen (2.48)
A5: Cesar Joaniquet (2.34)
B1: Marc Ducret (4.02)
B2: Kari Ikonen (3.52)
B3: Johannes Sarjasto (3.46)
B4: Butch Lacy (10.30)

Catalogue: SAINO-01
Release: 2017
Format: LP
Price: 12 euros
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