These are the records we distribute(d). Contact us if you have any questions.

No Hands

NH4.SLIK Manmade Deejay Invitro EP EP 2018 Available
NH3.ROLIG C.K Spatial Dynamics EP 2017 Repress coming soon
NH2.PLAYPLAY Maizena Sojouring Music EP 2016 Sold Out
NH1.PLADE Maizena Boys Compilation 2016 Sold Out



RB08 Tiden Går Sgu’ Compilation 2018 Out Soon
RB07 DJ Central feat. Erika de Casier Drive Single 2017 Available
RB06 Club V-Bee Compilation 2017 Available
RB05 Hi Mount & C.K I Know Single 2016 Sold Out
RB04 Nat i Århus Compilation 2016 Sold Out
RB03 Warm Regards Compilation 2016 Sold Out
RB02 2015 Sold Out
RB01 2015 Sold Out


Help Recordings

HELP011 DJ Central Li’ud EP 2018 Available
HELP010 Maizena Strange Worries EP 2017 Sold Out
HELP009 DJ Central Basil EP EP 2017 Available
HELP008 DJ Sports Person Hideaway EP 2016 Sold Out
HELP007 Various Irrelevant Material Compilation 2016 Sold Out
HELP006 DJ Central / AYH Gratitude Single 2015 Sold Out
HELP005 DJ Central Fresh Context EP 2015 Sold Out
HELP004 Love Letters Your Go EP 2015 Sold Out
HELP003 Various Relevant Material Compilation 2015 Sold Out



PRS01 C.K Intimate Patters EP 2018 Available



OL-01 Alle Dine Pæne Øjne LP 2018 Available



PARTNERS003 DJ Central & Soft Armour EP 2017 Available



SAINO-01 Daniel Sommer Duets LP 2017 Available


Other local labels

RES013 Equis Sitios EP 2018 Available
SAMMENSTILLING Various Sammenstilling – “Indblik I Aarhus’ Elektroniske Musik 2015” Compilation 2015 Available



Tapes will be updated soon…